SaaS Rank, a SaaS-driven directory for businesses and entrepreneurs (2020)

Conceived for the Spanish-speaking market, SaaS Rank includes an always-updating directory of SaaS products for SMBs. I co-founded this project with a partner in France and we aim to expand and become the go-to portal for Spanish-speaking professionals and consultants in the SaaS world.

You can visit SaaS Rank here.

KlassApps, a SaaS provider for colleges and software development agency (2019-2020)

I have designed and developed websites for the KlassApps brand and its app development clients while running the digital marketing strategy for the multiplatform SaaS solution, aimed at colleges and educational institutions.

You can visit KlassApps here.

Meetflow, an online community for modern businesses in Spain and LATAM (2020)

After we saw how our clients suffered due to lockdown and social distancing, we launched onlines initiatives to keep them connected with each other. Then we decided to develop a whole new solution to face this challenge. I co-founded the project with Meetwork and the product is expected to launch in 2021 Q1.

You can visit Meetflow here.

Atqui, a digital treatment platform (2020)

I designed, developed, and launched the website for the product, which is a recently-launched app for addiction treatment clinics, insurance companies, and the patients themselves.

You can visit Atqui here.

Megalux Europe, a manufacturer and provider of custom-size commercial LED displays (2018-2020)

I planned and executed marketing operations for this Spanish/Dutch company as it expands through Europe. Some of our clients include Puma, PSV Eindhoven, Phillips, Levante UD FC, and large retailers in Western Europe.

You can visit Megalux Europe here.

Edular, a cloud-based app for colleges and universities to go fully paperless and remote (2020)

I designed, developed, and launched the website for the product, which is a recently-launched app for colleges and universities to upgrade their administrative process and effortlessly go paperless.

You can visit Edular here.

Forget Me Not, a digital time-capsule app (2020)

I designed, developed, and launched the website for this upcoming app for users who want to leave messages in different media formats for their loved ones to receive in the future, in the case of their passing away.

You can visit Forget Me Not here.

Julie Security, a cybersecurity platform for BMS (2020)

I designed, developed, and launched the website for this new product, a well-rounded cybersecurity platform for operative BMS at buildings, factories, and water and sewer facilities. After launch, I have been planning and executing content marketing efforts.

You can visit Julie Security here.

My IT Guy Group, an IT managed services and cybersecurity solutions provider (2017-2020)

I have been responsible for digital marketing efforts since 2017, mainly on content production and distribution, now doubling-down efforts as the group expands its operations through multiple IT brands under its umbrella.

You can visit My IT Guy here.

Meetwork, an international business club and networking group (2016-2020)

I have been supporting, since 2016 as a consultant, Meetwork’s marketing efforts to grow in Spain and, since 2020, over the Atlantic. Now I’m responsible for growth operations in Spain and LATAM, as well as for internal innovation projects and coordinating the club’s app launch.

You can visit Meetwork here.

Rehab Near Me, an online directory for addiction treatment providers in New Jersey, USA (2020)

I developed and launched the directory for addiction treatment providers specialized in MAT, telehealth, and outpatient detox. The project was sponsored by the Choicepoint clinic in New Jersey.

You can visit Rehab Near Me here.

Comunica2/Gastroagencia, an ad agency with a specialized division for gastronomy (2018)

I was responsible for the agency’s SEO and PPC projects and the English-speaking accounts’ content marketing strategies.

You can visit Comunica/2 here and Gastroagencia here.

GlobalExportise, an international marketing and import/export consulting firm (2016-2018)

I planned and executed a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy for enhanced lead acquisition. I also designed and developed the most recent website.

You can visit GlobalExportise here.

  1. In marketing, there is no success without hard work and long hours. There is no way around it.
  2. Free, high-quality, value-providing content always delivers results.
  3. Building an audience that is willing to go with your brand takes time.
  4. In the end, everything is all worth the effort (very much so).

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