Who am I?

I’m Miguel Alejandro, a full-stack digital marketer and co-founder of SaaS Rank, a SaaS promotion platform for the Hispanic market.

Throughout almost a decade of marketing experience, I have assisted companies in their missions by leveraging technology to sell more.

I work with plural team of professionals based in Spain and LATAM and collaborate with a local business club to generate new business for everyone involved.

What we do?

For my clients, me and my team are the people in the arena. We do what it takes to identify and reach potential clients with the right message and to modernize operations

We help organizations to grow with powerful, creative marketing tactics and effective tools. 

We work together in a smart and productive way to generate new business and achieve growth.

Me and my team have assisted US-based agencies, SaaS startups, and IT companies with their product launches, a Spanish-Dutch LED manufacturing company with its marketing global operations, a corporate networking club with an online coworking space (thanks, COVID-19), launched SaaS Rank, and a little bit more.

You can know it all here.

How can I help you?

Marketing and Digital Transformation Consulting

Need to sell more but your online presence is weak? Are your competitors crushing you on search engines and social media? Is your workflow inefficient? Let’s be innovative together.

SaaS Marketing

Want to promote your SaaS product? Want to be one of the first companies in tapping the massive potential of the Spanish-speaking market? SaaS Rank, our powerful promotion platform can help.

Web Design and Development

Need a beautiful website for your (future) clients to love you? Say no more.

You can find me here, very soon writing about marketing tactics for growth, and on SaaS Rank, working to serve a fast-growing 5-billion-dollar market. ¹

Let’s talk.

hey@alejandromg.com / alex@saasrank.es